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Increase sales by turning your best customers into your biggest promoters by paying them for every click they generate.

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Your future customers are where your current customers hang out online.

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Clicki generates unique branded smartlinks for your customers & guarantees you only pay promoter/customers for unique verified clicks. Our Clicki guarantee protects against click fraud and abuse.

Promoters #cashout with ease at any time.

Clicki makes it simple for promoters to #cashout anytime via Venmo or Store Credit/Gift Cards. As promoters get unique clicks for your business Clicki makes it simple and easy for promoters to #cashout via Venmo or Store Credit/Gift Cards. The modern way to grow referrals for your business!

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Case Study - Masha Lash - Clicki for Salons 💆🏻

"In just the 1st 24 hours 15% of our customers became promoters and generated 52 new unique clicks to our website - resulting in $2,865 in new sales"

– Masha Hauch, Founder, Masha Lash

Have customers? Let's get you more.

Clicki makes it easy for your customers to enroll, promote & earn cashback for promoting your business online.

Detailed Analytics

With Clicki you can learn more about your traffic than ever before. Where your referral traffic is coming from, the platforms producing the most referral traffic, peak times of day and much more!

Case Study - My Fertilizing Company - Clicki for Home Services 🏠

"This is guys are killing it! We generated 170 unique clicks in the 1st 15 days and sold a ton of new customers. Best ROI we have seen in a while"

– Ryan Shiplett, Owner, My Fertilizing Company

Leverage your existing customers to grow your business.

Your customers are already hanging out in the places online that your new customers are. Use Clicki to let them share the good word and get paid $ per unique click they generate for your business.

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Integrates everywhere!

Clicki is able to integrate with over 5,000 apps using Zapier. We also are able to accept webhooks so when a new client is added to your CRM system we can automatically trigger an invitation email to be sent to your client to invite them to become a promoter 🔥

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Who is Clicki for?

Clicki was built for small & medium-sized businesses who want to turn their current customers into promoters to win them more clients for their business. Clicki helps businesses in the home service, salon/spa, professional services & saas software grow!

How does Clicki enable my business to pay my customers to promote us?

It's simple - upload your customer list to clicki - set how much you are willing to pay your promoters per unique click. Set the destination URL of where you want your branded clicki smart links to land. Once your customers accept your invitation to become a promoter they get a clicki smart link ( and begin posting everywhere online they hangout facebook, facebook groups, linkedin, reddit, nextdoor, twitter, sending their link to friends. Clicki keeps track of the unique clicks and promoters and seamlessly handles promoter payouts & tax compliance. Promoters cashout anytime via venmo or cashapp. You can track and manage everything inside of your Clicki dashboard.

How is Clicki different from other referral and affiliate tracking software?

Imagine google pay per click but instead of google serving the ads - it’s actually your current customers serving their unique smart link all over their social media to people who know, like and trust them. From my own experience and from my learnings running multiple scale service businesses I have realized there is a gap in the market. Traditional referral and affiliate programs don’t work at scale for service based SMB’s think lawn care, pest control companies, handymen, salon spas, hvac etc… Clicki is different, it creates quick wins for promoters, they are updated daily of their cash balance and they can cashout anytime via Venmo or cashapp. From my experience of launching programs that were based on the actual sale of something it was a nightmare on the business side to track and handle the paying of account credits + the engagement rate from customers was super low because they were not able to get quick wins and ultimately lost interest.

How does Clicki prevent fraud and abuse?

Great question. That's also part of the tech our stack our click tracking detects unique clicks vs total clicks. Your business is only charged for verified unique clicks. Unique clicks are a unique device id and ip address at the moment the click takes place it's very accurate - We also remove all Bot/Spider Traffic. Bot traffic appears naturally on every single link that you share publicly - on social media, advertising, or even on a forum. It occurs because companies like Google are looking to index your link and ensure that you are sending the user to a safe destination. Other bots, such as smaller social media analytics companies, may click on your link. Bot traffic is detectable, and therefore can be filtered. Currently, it is a manual monitoring process for abuse but as we scale, we can build in automation to detect abnormal behavior (ie Sarah's salon is in Chicago - but is getting tons of clicks from russia.)

Who sets the Click budget?

You! Clicki allows you to set how much your business is willing to pay your promoter-customers per unique click generated. The pitch is.. quick easy wins for customers - and tons of qualified traffic for your business and from our testing so far ultimately more customers at a lower cost per lead and cost per sale than Google PPC.

Can you give a case study example of a company using Clicki?

A good example would be Masha Lash - it’s a lash and brow salon. They pay promoters $1.00 for each unique click. Most of their promoters post their links to local Facebook groups and instagram. Masha Lash attaches their promoter signup link to every completed appointment email - so far 30 of their clients have opted to become promoters. Masha Lash promoters have generated hundreds of clicks and thousands in new sales for Masha Lash. Check out the Masha Lash invite page.

How is Clicki better than Google Pay-Per-Click?

Imagine if you were a service based SMB being able to get ads into micro communities online where more of your potential customers hangout. Facebook groups, instagram, Nextdoor etc… We hear it all the time from businesses - “I get so many organic referrals from facebook and instagram.” Imagine if you could dump gasoline on that fire! Most service based businesses are paying $2-$10+ per click on Google Ads. With clicki early access users we have seen a 50% reduction in the cost per click for generating traffic to your business.

How much does Clicki cost?

We have plans for every size company. Clicki charges a monthly subscription to use our platform to provision, launch and track your Clicki campaigns & promoters unique clicks. Similar to Google Ad Words your click spend is billed on a weekly basis for any unique clicks generated by your promoter-customers. View our plans here

Do you integrate with any CRM platforms?

Yes - we are able to integrate with over 5,000 CRM’s using Zapier. We also are able to accept webhooks so when a new client is added to your CRM system we can automatically trigger an invitation email to be sent to your client to invite them to become a promoter. Under our Pro plan, we are also able to build custom integrations such as attaching your clicki invite link to your receipt emails that are sent out after an appointment or service is completed.


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