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A revolutionary referral marketing solution for local businesses. Transform satisfied customers into a powerful digital referral network by paying customers per click & per referral.

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Finally, a referral program your customers and your business LOVE & actually use.

Step 1

Signup with Clicki. Invite all your customers to join your Clicki referral program. We make this so easy...


Step 2

Customers begin promoting your business using tracking links & uploading referrals.

Step 3

Clicki makes it simple to pay promoter-customers for every unique click & every referral that becomes a paying customer 🎉

Unleash the power of viral marketing loops.

Everything is tracked from start to finish. We make referrals simple for your businesses and your customers.

They refer friends

Your customers get their own unique link to share with their friends and family, social media.. pretty much everywhere & get paid for every unique click they generate. Paying per click guarantees max distribution and participation.

Their friends sign up

When the invitee becomes a referral, they get rewarded. We use social proof to get more referrals for your local business.

They get a reward

When the invitee signs up & becomes a paying customer the referrer gets rewarded too.

Use social networks to supercharge your referrals.


How does Clicki's referral software work?

Modern refferal programs - for modern consumers.


Automate invites

Make it effortless for your clients to refer their loved ones with our automated, personalized, and adaptable referral invites, which can be sent through email or SMS. By connecting to your favorite CRM, you can enjoy a truly "set it and forget it" program, streamlining the referral process for your customers.


Feature on your website

Add the Referral Widget to your website giving your customers an easy way to signup for your referral program. Simply copy the widget code we provide you and paste it into your website’s HTML.


Automate Payouts

Pay per click & per referral. More ways to earn means more participation and referrals. Allow customers to cashout via Venmo or company credit. Modern Payouts. For Modern Customers. Quick simple payouts mean happy customers and more referrals.

Real-life promoter-customers. Real Results.

1,082 unique clicks

6 new referrals

$1,270 earned

– Sarah, Promoter, Masha Lash


140 unique clicks

10 new referrals

$250.00 earned

– Paul, Promoter, GrassRoots Turf


130 unique clicks

8 new referrals

$139.00 earned

– Tim, Promoter, 4everGreen Lawn Care

62 unique clicks

3 new referrals

$55.00 earned

– Chelsea, Promoter, Backyard Bug Busters


Clicki generates unique branded smartlinks for your customers & guarantees you only pay promoter/customers for unique verified clicks. Our Clicki guarantee protects against click fraud and abuse. Did we mention we can GeoFence your traffic so you only pay for quality unique clicks and referrals.

Modern Payouts. For Modern Customers.

Clicki makes it simple for promoters to #cashout anytime via Venmo or Store Credit/Gift Cards.

As promoters get unique clicks & referrals for your business Clicki makes it simple and easy for promoters to #cashout via Venmo or Store Credit/Gift Cards.


Case Study - Masha Lash

Clicki for Salons 💆🏻

"In just the 1st 24 hours 15% of our customers became promoters and generated 52 new unique clicks to our website & 8 referrals - resulting in $2,865 in new sales"

– Masha Hauch, Founder, Masha Lash


Case Study - My Fertilizing Company

Clicki for Home Services 🏠

"This is incredible...you guys are killing it! We generated 170 unique clicks in the 1st 15 days and sold a ton of new customers. Best ROI we have seen in a while"

– Ryan Shiplett, Owner, My Fertilizing Company

Detailed Analytics

With Clicki you can learn more about your traffic & referrals than ever before. Where your referral traffic is coming from, the platforms producing the most referral traffic, peak times of day, and much more!

Integrates everywhere!

Clicki is able to integrate with over 5,000 apps using Zapier. We also are able to accept webhooks so when a new client is added to your CRM system we can automatically trigger an invitation email to be sent to your client to invite them to become a promoter 🔥

Got questions? We’ve got answers.




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