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What do your customers want? To share their love for you with the world! With Clicki, they can get paid to take care of that part. Earn money in exchange for generating leads and traffic to your business. Whether it be in the form of referrals, clicks, impressions or any other measurable lead generation source, when your customer shares a link through Clicki they will be rewarded with cash money. The more they share on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook or promote personally offline by emailing, texting or verbally advocating on behalf of you -- the more rewards they'll receive! Don't pay Google--pay them instead!

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If they want to, your customers will be working for you! Have them earn money with every click and lead for your cosmetology business. Earn more than what Google pays and keep 100% of the profit all while getting more traffic! Clicki makes it easy to reward your clients with cash instead of coupons so that they get something out of their helpful marketing efforts.